Friday, March 13, 2009

I am struggling this Lent...

I am having some issues this Lent. I am really struggling.

There is a woman who sits next to me at work who used to be a friend/acquaintance whom I will call Jane. In the past 12 months, Jane and her husband filed for and are now divorced, she started a new romantic (and intimate according to her) relationship with a man in the office whom I will call Bob (I can only assume this is what caused her marriage failure) and she has stopped going to church (Lutheran). I just heard her on the phone renewing her prescription for her birth control pill. Jane has a two year old son who is truly suffering with her new lifestyle. She complains that the boy cries when she takes him to daycare, has trouble sleeping on the 3 nights a week that she has him (her ex-husband has him 4 nights a week), that he does not eat well. Jane's personality has changed tremedously since I met her almost four years ago.

You know how there are some people in this world with whom you simply cannot get along with? Bob is someone whom I have never liked, and from what I can gather the feeling is mutual. It has been made apparent in how they both act towards me when he is at her desk. I must say, this does not bother me at all. I have always been a person who is self-concious, but the fact that Bob dislikes me has no affect on me whatsoever. It is Jane I am concerned about.

As I said before, Jane and I were acquaintances. I was invited to her baby shower before her son was born, but I assume it was because I am very close with the woman who hosted it. My problem is that Jane has fallen victim to an immoral life and I have little tolerance for it. I have been avoiding her, but it is not really in my nature to be cold to people and it is really starting to make me feel crappy. I am unsure what to do?

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Peter said...

You are not struggling... this is the beautiful thing about Lent and the amazing thing about you. You are looking to bring Christ to this lady who has forgotten Him.

I would suggest prayer and fasting for her sanctity. In doing this, you will open her up to God's Grace.

Then I think the opportunity to talk to this with her might present itself.

PS> I will say a Rosary for her as well.