Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama acts quickly, lays out his abortion and gay agenda

One of his first moves pushes social issues to the top.

It didn't take long for President Barack Hussein Obama to move his social issues to the top of his to-do list. His agenda on gay rights can be found here and on abortion rights here.

This is only the beginning of Obama's plans to reshape society. His view is that unborn babies aren't worth protecting and that homosexuals deserve special rights.

Now, not later, is the time to let President Obama know that you oppose his efforts. People like you who oppose taking the life of the unborn and who oppose giving special rights to those who practice of perverted sex need to take action now!

It is time to ask your friends and family who have not been engaged to get involved. This is not the time to quit. It is a time to act! Our children and grandchildren are counting on us!

Take Action!

Send this email or your own to President Obama. It will go directly to the White House.

Please share this to your family and friends so they can read about Obama's priorities.

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