Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing says romance like 'National Condom Week'

Planned Parenthood’s ‘National Condom Week’

As many of you already know, PP is an organization that kills for profit and lures young people into its clinics to sell them birth control and abortions, while promoting sexual promiscuity for youth in particular and society in general. Once again, PP is attempting to twist a day on which we traditionally send love notes and chocolates to the persons we love into another marketing opportunity.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching, and unfortunately, PP is once again lying to youth and young adults by telling them that not using a condom means they do not love the other person. PP, the nation’s largest abortion chain, certainly does not know what love is! PP takes Valentine’s Day and calls it “National Condom Day.” We have also come across situations wherein PP has labeled the week in which Valentine’s Day occurs (February 7–14) as “National Condom Week” and the entire month of February “National Condom Month.”

Take, for example, PP of Golden Gate in California – an affiliate known not only for making atrocious videos to sell more birth control and abortions, but also for bragging about concealing the rape of an 11-year-old girl on its web site. Now it is encouraging people to send condom e-cards for “Valentine’s Day/National Condom Week.”

Upper Hudson PP in New York plans to celebrate “National Condom Week” by giving businesses drink coasters displaying PP’s condoms and a character who says, “No glove, no love!” It has also provided “safer sex” kits to those who answered questions correctly as part of its question and answer game at Muddy Cup, an Albany coffee shop.

In the past, “National Condom Week” kicked off on February 14 at most PP affiliates. However, whether it starts before or after February 14, its motive hasn’t changed: PP wants your money and wants you to believe the lies. So, we need to continue to spread the truth: Living a promiscuous lifestyle will NOT solve your problems, and it will NOT bring you love. It will, however, increase your chances of getting an STD or AIDS. Living the life of chastity is the way to really show someone you love him/her. You also love yourself by respecting yourself and others, and ultimately, you love Christ by living the way He wants us to live. Living and loving others in this way brings authentic freedom – something PP knows nothing about.

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