Friday, February 27, 2009

Tiller the Killer to Stand Trial

Kansas Judge Clark Owens has ruled that late-term, Wichita, abortionist George Tiller will stand trial in a court of law. During a pre-trial hearing, Tiller’s attorneys attempted to have the charges dismissed based upon a flimsy theory of “prosecutorial misconduct” on the part of former Attorneys General Phill Kline and Paul Morrison.
However, Judge Owens’ ruling came down as follows, “While Phill Kline testified that he would like for all abortions to be outlawed, his investigations made no attempts to prevent lawful abortions from being performed in the State of Kansas. His procedures have certainly been questioned by the Kansas Supreme Court, but his conduct in the investigation does not merit the sanction of the dismissal of the charges or suppression of evidence.
The motion to dismiss or suppress is therefore denied,”
“This has been a long time coming. Killing children is horrible enough to warrant prosecution, and his disregard for the laws of our state is finally catching up to him,” remarked Keith Ashley, Chapter Director of Rock for Life Kansas.
Tiller faces 19 charges of illegal late-term abortions for failure to obtain a second physician’s signature, and he could be sentenced to a year in prison for each charge. The trial is set to begin March 16.

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