Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planned Parenthood and STDs: It’s latest attempt to push its own name

All of us who have been fighting Planned Parenthood for quite some time have seen all sorts of different tactics that PP uses to bring in customers. It’s National Condom Day or “Proper Attire” condoms are just some examples. In PP’s eyes, why not take advantage of the STD crisis in our country, with every one in four teenage girl having an STD, and make up some phrase to get customers into its clinics – looking as if it really does care.

MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation joined in on PP’s latest marketing push called “Get Yourself Tested” or GYT for short. Even calling it GYT is an attempt to be more teen savvy since many of our youth are on the internet instant messaging, and texting on their cell phones. Using acronyms is a form of communication that today’s youth are using. For example, “Talk to you later” is TTYL.

This latest scheme, Get Yourself Tested, is something PP hopes will encourage young people to talk about getting tested for STDs so frequently that it would be like getting an oil change for your car. Everyone needs to get it done, so when are you going in? Yet, we know this is another stunt to push its promiscuous propaganda, but do our teens realize what PP is doing to them? Brainwashing them to come into their clinics – supposedly to be tested for an STD, and at the same time give you condoms and sell you birth control; thus making more business and help spread STDs and thus creating more business.

Several reports have been seen across the country of different PP affiliates and clinics advertising this new marketing ploy. I must share the article with you from the Michigan Messenger that described this new initiative and yet came out and said that while PP clinics charge for STD testing, most Michigan Health Departments offer the testing free. Hmm. Interesting. Even some of the secular media sees PP’s ploy for bringing in the money.

I sympathize with the people in Africa who are suffering with AIDS, some think that condoms are the solution. However, last month Pope Benedict came out with a statement saying that distributing condoms only makes the problem worse. Edward C. Green, Harvard University's director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project stated that the pope is correct. Shocker.

The problem is that teens and young adults are using condoms and birth control thinking that these types of things actually can protect them from getting an STD! PP is teaching them that relying on contraception and abortion is safe. Unfortunately this is very scary when every one in four abortions occurs at PP facilities, and according to the Center of Disease Control, the cases of syphilis in the U.S. from 2001 to 2007 continue to increase.

We need to be educating our young people on chastity. We need to show them that PP’s tactics are NOT helping them. We need parents talking about it, grandparents talking about it. The youth of our country and world today face many pressures and PP is behind a lot of that. We must get this organization out of our schools and out of our kids’ lives! Take a stand and educate your community on the evils of PP.

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