Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pressure Mounts on Notre Dame to Pull the Plug on President Obama's Address

At Cross Purposes

Ten priests from the order that founded the University of Notre Dame are asking the school to reconsider its invitation to President Obama to speak at next month's commencement. The priests from the Congregation of the Holy Cross say the school is risking what they call its true soul, by giving an honorary doctorate to a person whose policies on abortion and stem cell research clash with those of the Catholic Church. The group says failure to rescind the invitation, "will damage the integrity of the institution."

And in an effort to strike at the school's funding, The American Life League is calling for Notre Dame to be removed from the official list of Catholic institutions. The pro-life group’s president, Judith Brown, says they interviewed students and, "found a tragic attitude at the university... apathy, if not hostility, toward the faith. The university is backing away from the Catholic Church."


Gutterball Master said...

At this point, he is already invited. What do you think about just revoking his honorary degree but keeping his invitation open?

Denise Bossert said...

I have heard it said that Notre Dame is Our Lady's school. Today's announcement, specifically the letter by Professor Glendon in which she declines her invitiation (and award) from ND, certainly makes it seem like Our Lady has chosen a woman to help fight the battle on her own campus.

A woman who sets aside a trophy for the hope of an eternal crown, that certainly sounds like Our Blessed Mother is on the move.

It must really irk the Enemy when a woman, in a quiet and simple way somehow trumps him. It must remind him of the Blessed Mother, which makes me smile.

God can do amazing things with women who do the right thing, without fanfare.